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Monday Monitor

Monday Monitor – February 1, 2021

Head of School Report

Dear MVCS Family and Friends,

We have begun our yearly church visits to share about the ministry of MVCS and Widow’s Mite. I was blessed to attend Thetford Baptist Church yesterday. Praise the Lord for the many faithful churches we have in the greater Upper Valley.   

The Gospel was preached, and we were stirred and convicted to do what the Lord requires of us. 

Pastor Nathan Peets expounded on Deuteronomy 18:15-20, 1 Corinthians 8:1-13, and Mark 1:21-28.  We were challenged to submit to the Lord, the Greater Prophet, to lay down our rights and take up our responsibilities.  Pastor Peets commented: “We sin against Christ when we don’t think of others…helping others is an exercise of love…a voluntary giving of self.”

The congregants encouraged one another after the service with words like:

  • Be steadfast, do not be discouraged, look up!
  • Determine to be grateful for everything.

If you do not already pray for our area churches, I urge you to add them to your prayer list.

Our next church visit is on February 14th at Valley Bible Church.  If this is your church, and you will be there, I would love to have you join me at the table to talk to anyone that wants to chat after church. Let me know. 

Vicky Fogg

Head of School

“Beyond the Classroom” Scholarship Fund Campaign

Thank you to all who have given thus far to our “Beyond the Classroom” Scholarship Fund Campaign! If you have not given, we would sincerely appreciate your support! Simply click on the button below to visit our campaign site. 

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“Beyond the Classroom” Scholarship Fund Campaign

Important Dates

  • TODAY: Education Advisory Meeting
  • Feb. 13-21: Winter Break
  • Mar. 1: Education Advisory Meeting
  • Mar. 3: Spring Picture Day
  • Mar. 12: End of ES 2nd Trimester

ES MakerSpace Request

For an upcoming physics project, the MakerSpace is in need of clean 2-liter soda bottles and empty thread spools.  We could also use clean yogurt containers, small and large.  Drop off in the bucket right inside the MakerSpace door.  Thank you!

Ongoing Fundraisers

  • Pizza Thursdays: $2 per slice! You can pay several weeks/months in advance if that is more convenient. 
  • AmazonSmile: Same products, prices, and Prime benefits! Just go to “AmazonSmile” online, type in “Mid Vermont Christian School” when it asks for an organization to donate to, click on our name, and begin shopping! 0.5% of every purchase is donated directly to our school!

SchoolStore.com Fundraiser

Please visit the site below to learn more about this awesome, 100% online fundraiser we are participating in!SchoolStore Info

Mr. Ralph’s Corner

It’s finally here! That special day when everyone gets excited to hear whether the groundhog will see his shadow! it’s not looking good for that tomorrow; the Nor’easter is on its way. No matter, it’s a great day to celebrate the little varmint and the coming of spring. I think the saying is, “If he sees his shadow he goes back down his hole and waits until the snow is gone. If he doesn’t see his shadow, he goes down his hole and waits until the snow is gone, and there will be 6 more weeks of winter either way.” I still think it’s fun!

What a brutal weekend, huh? With the temperatures below zero there was no need to go outside, so Thelma and I grouted tile. That’s code for smearing this black gunk into the cracks between the tile and then wiping it all away. We grouted for 6 or 7 hours over the two days and then stood back and said, “That looks nice.” The great part about it is we got to spend the whole weekend together, which we love to do!

Well, other than celebrating rodents this week, the only other wildlife news is that bobcat hunting season closes next Sunday, February 7th, so you still have a week to bag a bobcat. Good luck!

See ya next week!

Mr. Ralph

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Businesses We Love!

What’s better than shopping small and local? Shopping small, local, AND from fellow MVCS community members! Below we are featuring a few businesses we are connected with through various parents and staff members. Whether you are looking for clean home products, handcrafted gifts, or farm-to-table food options, we are sure you will find something new that directly supports those in our MVCS network! Happy shopping, and stay tuned to see other businesses featured here!

Farmer’s Body

Connected to MCVS through parent Jill Renninger, this local business offers small batch soaps, lotions, hand sanitizers, and more!

Farmer’s Body

Creative Threads

Mr. Ralph’s wife, Thelma, has brought many quilter’s dreams to life with her carefully crafted designs on her long arm machine. For all of your quilting needs contact her via email at: creativethreads101@gmail.com 

The Farmer’s Wife

Mrs. Barnes has been making jewelry since she was in fifth grade, and her latest endeavor has included lots of polymer clay earrings! Check out her Facebook below, where she features all of her handmade pieces.

The Farmer’s Wife

Little and Big Nest News

Please enjoy the 2020-2021 MVCS promo video linked below! Thank you to all who jumped in on the action and to Mrs. Barnes for putting this together!Promo Video

MVCS Eagles Athletics

“For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” – 1 Timothy 4:8

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Basketball season has begun! Stay tuned via email and Sycamore for more updates on COVID-19 protocols for this season and practice/game schedules! Email mvcsad@mvcs.info with any questions for Mr. Barnes, our Athletic Director.

Praise and Prayer

*To pray for specific families please refer to our MVCS Prayer List, linked at the top of the Monitor*


  • We are still COVID free at MVCS – praise God!
  • We figured out a way to stream our basketball games – thank you Lord for technology, and we pray that games will start soon!
  • Amidst Inauguration Day concerns, there was a relatively peaceful transfer of power – we thank God for preserving the lives of our elected officials and we are grateful that, no matter who is in office, the Lord preserves and shepherds His people!


  • Pray for our country to be drawn closer to the Lord through the outreach of the church, that believers would be bold in the face of persecution!
  • Pray for our athletes to trust in God’s sovereignty as they continue to wait for a decision about game play.
  • Pray with us for God’s Word to be upheld as our ultimate authority at MVCS, and that we would cherish it and teach it earnestly to the students in our care!
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