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Mission Statement & History

The mission of the school is to glorify God by preparing students for college and for life through a program of academic excellence established in Biblical truth.

Mid Vermont Christian School opened its doors in September of 1987 in the first floor of the Woodstock Baptist Fellowship. MVCS employed one teacher who taught Kindergarten, First, Third, and Fourth grades to a total of just five students. The teacher also had the responsibility of feeding wood to the furnace three times each day. The following year was marked by the addition of another teacher and eight more students. Subjects such as Music, Physical Education, and Art were added as well.

During the 1989-1990 school year, Ray Lombardi was hired as the first administrator of MVCS. New teachers, students, subjects, and classrooms continued to grow the structure of the school. By 1991, land was purchased in Quechee, and by the next year almost 100 students were enrolled and attending the “new” MVCS. Along with other building projects came a gym and a soccer field. Dr. Arthur Nazigian, a professional basketball player, teacher, prior Headmaster, and author, was hired as MVCS’ first Headmaster in 1993.

1997 saw the graduation of MVCS’ first senior class and the celebration of 10 years of “Educating for Impact.” In 1999, Mr. Robert Bracy, Jr. was hired as the high school principal. Previously serving as missionaries in Papua New Guinea for nine years, Mr. Bracy and his wife, Lori, humbly stepped into their new calling to shepherd the MVCS community. During the next school year Mr. Bracy became the Headmaster as Dr. Nazigian retired.

In 2003, Miss Deborah Hellickson was hired as the Elementary School’s principal. That same year a re-roofing project was completed on the Elementary School, thanks to over 100 volunteers’ hard work and local businesses and individuals monetary donations. During the next school year MVCS students embarked on their first Guatemala Missions Trip and Jonathan O’Leary was recognized as the first MVCS basketball player to reach the 1000-career points milestone.

The granite cross that overlooks Route 4 (one of the first things people notice about MVCS) was gifted by the Gilson family in 2005. The following spring saw the largest class of graduates, as 18 students received their diplomas and turned their tassels. Vermont’s Child Development Division recognized the MVCS Preschool Program in 2007 with four stars in the Step Ahead Recognition System (STARS). This was awarded for demonstrated accomplishments in providing quality child care above and beyond compliance with the State of Vermont’s basic regulatory standards for a licensed center.. MVCS also celebrated its 20th anniversary that same year.

During the next 10 years, multiple MVCS basketball players were recognized for reaching 1000-career points, including Lucas Wemple ‘08, Abbie Seale ‘09, Austin Sayers ‘14, Phoebe Seale ‘14, Anna Seale ‘16, and Rachel Seale ‘18. The first child (Taylor Young) of a MVCS alumnus (Bridgette Perrault Young) enrolled. In 2017 our MVCS community rallied to lift Mr. Bracy and his family in prayer; after surviving a 100+ foot fall off a cliff while hunting, Mr. Bracy spent months in the hospital and rehab facility. Meanwhile, in the blink of an eye MVCS had turned 30 years old, spurred on by countless prayers and God’s grace.

In the spring of 2019, both Miss Hellickson and Mr. Bracy announced their retirement from MVCS and the school board began its search for new leadership. Mrs. Vicky Fogg was chosen to be the Head of School for both schools, saying a bittersweet “farewell” to her position of 17 years as our Preschool Director. Hayley Goodwin ‘22 reached her 1000-career points milestone and the MVCS girls varsity team advanced all the way to the Division IV State Championship for the first time in MVCS Athletics history. Sadly, their final game and the remainder of the school year was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers packed up their belongings and went home, wondering what distance learning would look like for our MVCS community and eager to be back together again in Quechee.

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